Quality policy


Duecitânia focuses on differentiated experiences that, due to their originality, provide quality of life for our guests.
Through the production and use of endogenous products, organic farming and renewable energy, we promote sustainability and reduce the environmental footprint. Bring to life the culture left in the region by the Roman civilization under the motto Veni, Vidi, Vivi .


Duecitânia aims to be the first choice of our guests, increasing length of stay and loyalty, through satisfaction and quality of experiences. Promote the company's sustained growth, making it an equipment of regional and national strategic interest. Promote your Internationalization.


Social, cultural and environmental responsibility.
Continuous appreciation of human resources.
Excellence in quality with sustainable growth.


Duecitânia aims to be a tourist complex that focuses on the quality of services, exceeding customer expectations, seeking continuous and innovative improvement by offering regional services and products aimed at leisure, health and well-being.
It values the professional development of its employees, promoting performance and customer relations. It is committed to spreading a culture that promotes quality of life through valuing the environment with current technological systems, using energy and minimizing environmental impact by reducing and preventing pollution and optimizing natural resources.
By implementing the methodologies of Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015, it is committed to managing the Organization in a sustainable manner in accordance with its requirements and the legislation applicable to its activities.

Pride without arrogance is vitally important to us. We are proud of our achievements and remain outwardly humble. We strive to delight customers each and every time they stay with us, we hope to exceed expectations through consistent quality and value in products and services, which is why we look for professionals motivated by innovation and concerned about their achievements.
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DATE: 03/13/2022