Found in a bucolic environment where little more than singing birds and the soft trickling of water can be heard, surrounded by luscious gardens and forests, our SPA AQUA VENUS is run under the motto "Mens sana in corpore sano", translating to 'A healthy mind in a healthy body'. 

"Aqua est privilegium opportunitas commoditas" meaning 'Water is a privilege, an opportunity and a commodity' is the citation you will find engraved on the walls of our SPA circuit, composed of a heated indoor pool, sauna, and Turkish bath. During the hotter months, you will also be able to swim in the outdoor pools, surrounded by the greenery of our gardens, providing unique moments of leisure.

In our SPA menu, you will find several types of massages, from relaxing to therapeutic. We also offer pinda, candle, and hot stone massages, as well as Vichy showers. 

We recommend ending your visit to the SPA with a detour to our solarium, where surrounded by the woods, you may come to enjoy moments of socialization or introspection.

Spa Menu

The origins...

When taking a Roman bath, the bather would gradually expose themselves to the increase in temperature. Due to the nature of the process, all Roman thermae included a series of chambers that would progressively become warmer.

The entrance, the Apodyterium, was a chamber where the bather would change and store their belongings. Then, they would follow into the Frigidarium, which contained a tank of cold water. Followed by the Tepidarium, with lukewarm water, and this process would eventually end with a hot bath at the Caldarium.

When this process was over, the bather would eventually return to the Tepidarium to receive a massage that would clean any residues and dirt with oils. Some Thermae also included a dry room named Laconium, where its users would rest after completing the full bath circuit.