Privacy and Data Policy

HD|DUECITÂNIA DESIGN HOTEL is a hotel company located in the Municipality of Penela. The Hotel offers its customers accommodation and leisure spaces, open air, regional gastronomy, SPA and leisure activities, tours around the region and the comfort provided by the Roman themed framework, ensuring a high level of respect for the human person.

In order to recognize and continuously satisfy its customers, employees and the community in general, HD|DUECITÂNIA DESIGN HOTEL is committed to complying with and enforcing compliance with the GDPR, as provided for in European regulations and national legislation.

General considerations


HD|DUECITÂNIA DESIGN HOTEL values the trust of its customers, suppliers, partners, employees and recognizes that Personal Data must be treated with care. We are committed to carrying out our activities in accordance with all relevant Privacy and Data Protection laws and in line with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

The protection of Personal Data is important for every part of our activities. It is at the heart of our commitment to our customers, our values, our principles, our conduct and our success and is essential to maintaining everyone's trust.

HD|DUECITÂNIA DESIGN HOTEL aims to make the framework and conditions of the processing of personal data under its responsibility transparent and, as well, to reiterate its commitment to scrupulous compliance with applicable legislation in this matter.

The entry into force of stricter regulations is an opportunity for HD|DUECITÂNIA DESIGN HOTEL to remind its customers of our integrity in one of the most important areas of modern life: the protection of Personal Data.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this privacy,

contact us via email: .

Through this Privacy Policy, HD|DUECITÂNIA DESIGN HOTEL intends to make data subjects aware of the manner and terms of processing of their personal data, namely through communication:

  1. the contact details of the person responsible for processing your personal data (Hotel Management);
  2. the categories of data that are processed, the basis for the lawfulness and purposes of this processing, the way in which this processing is carried out and its duration;
  3. the rights of the data subject in the context of the processing of their personal data; It is
  4. how your personal information is protected.

Personal Data refers to any information that is related to a natural person and may include, among others:

  • contact information (name, home and work addresses, telephone, email addresses);
  • personal information (date of birth, nationality, electronic identification data, IP addresses);
  • professional and employment information (education and training)
  • and financial details (tax identification and bank account number).

This policy defines the uniform basic standards of HD|DUECITÂNIA DESIGN HOTEL that apply in the absence of stricter rules that may be established by specific legislation.

The rules, guidelines and internal implementation training are provided with all necessary supporting documentation, in order to act in accordance with the HD|DUECITÂNIA DESIGN HOTEL Data Privacy Policy.


March 26, 2024